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wTuesday, January 01, 2002

I'm bored, nobody is signing this blog thing....wtf is a blogger anyway, it sounds like the french word for booger n-e-wayz... lalalalalalala pike suckz....I am the weakest link.... goodbye!

posted by Lishie at 3:16 PM

wMonday, December 31, 2001

i dont know what i am doing
i dont know what i am going to say
this confuses me
whoever heard of blogger
this is weird

posted by Anjlia at 5:20 PM


Heyz this is Lish, I really don't have much to say, just wanted to say hello to all the Pike peeps on this blog thing...it's like 2 in the mornin and I'm out of it so I'll holla lata.....PIKE POWER.....I guess....byez

posted by Lishie at 12:42 AM

wSunday, December 30, 2001

Um, ok, This is Jenny Jen Jen here, what cha all doin?? Well nothin much here, no big news, sides my >>guy<< (dorky grin). So how was everybody's Christmas?? Mine was o.k. I guess I coulda gotten better on the present deal but that is ok, I'm cool w/ it all. At least I got that alarm clock radio thing w/ a CD player that I've been wantin for forever. So any of ya ready to go back to school??? I sure as heck ain't!!!! Ugh, on a monday too!! that sucks. At least do it on a Tuesday so we can have monday to recooperate! lol. Oh well, I've been havin a blast w/ Jonathan and them, we've been hangin out every night till like two A.M., it's so nice to know people who have a car and a license!!! Ok, enough, I just thought I'd let u guyz know what i've been doin. Finally a change from cleanin and watchin TV!! So, I'll check back laters, bye bye.

posted by Jen at 10:38 PM


Wow... this is cool. hehe. Thanks to Philip for showin me his so I found out bout this blogger thingy. Well, I know I invited people, but you all are from Pike, so yeah I thought this would be easier to get in touch with everyone besides finding all your email addies and emailing all of you. I guess it's a geek thing. Oh well... I hope atleast half of you decide to join :-D

posted by Ducky (#1) or GG at 10:21 PM